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Welcome To SwapLink.net!

NO PORN, Offensive Slang (you know the words), Or any other offensive, or harmful material. (Rule of thumb; if you do not think that the site is appropriate for your six year old child then please don't submit it here)


Swaplink is one of the Number One link exchange sites on the internet!

Why Swap Links? Sites Like Google, Yahoo, MSN, and many others are ranking your page on many factors one of the largest of factors link popularity. That is the number of links from other pages back to yours. At swaplink.net all the category and sub-category pages are submitted to all the major search engines so that each link you submit will count as a link back to you.

How to trade links? Does it matter who I do a link exchange with? YES!! To get the best rankings on the search engines you should trade links with sites that relate to yours! When you exchange links with Swap Link the link back to you is from a real HTML page with meta tags similar to your own. Also most directories and sub-directories have assigned links that relate to that category so that the link placed on your site will also help you!

Web Tools:

Page Rank Checker
Link Popularity Checker
Instant Domain Name Lookup
Link Popularity Tool

Can I be one of the links traded to other sites? And be placed on many other sites in a category? Yes! By buying a banner ad you automatically become one of the links traded to other sites. We will rotate through a list of no more than 3 per subcategory and 3 whole category links.

Also when you join SwapLink.net by trading links with us (or paying a small fee) you gain access to a back office where you can:

  1. Trade more links!
  2. Check your sites link popularity with our link popularity checker.
  3. Check your meta tags to see that you have a good title, description, and keywords, with our meta tag analyzer program.
  4. Submit your site to the major search engines.
  5. Download our free site promotion e-books, free software, and free web tools.

You Say "But I don't have a links page! Is it hard to add one to my site?" NO! we can help with that! You can add a small link exchange to your site just by downloading these 4 files and uploading them to your website! Then you will need to create a link on all the other pages on your site to www.yoursite.com/links (don't forget to change the meta tags if needed and submit links page to the search engines).

We have now started to put together a bunch of Search Engine Optimization Tools and Web Site Promotion Tools including our new Page Rank Checker and Link Popularity Checker.

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